Episode 054: Worst Stipulations [07/28/17]

July 30, 2017

RECORDED 07/28/17

Bob and Corey discuss the Battleground PPV, and, in the wake of two bad stipulation matches at the show, they're talking about the worst real stipulations of all time, bad stipulations that could be salvaged, and making up crazy awful stips of their own... And they're reading some of your favorite worsts, too! Make sure to tweet at @SmallPackagePod to let us know what you think, and we'll read your comments on air!

00:00:00 - Show intro/topics/banter
00:03:50 - Battleground, RAW and Smackdown
00:13:50 - Wrestling news
00:29:35 - Discussion: Worst real wrestling stipulations
00:52:05 - Discussion: Redeemable bad stipulations
00:58:50 - Discussion: Fantasy booking terrible made-up stipulations
01:31:10 - Show outro

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