Episode 048: Cornette v Russo #1 [06/09/17]

June 10, 2017

RECORDED 06/09/17

Extreme Rules is over, but the breaking news is the Jim Cornette v Vince Russo news! Bob and Corey start covering the Cornette video as Russo's response drops WHILE recording! Clips and quotes from both with opinion, Extreme Rules/RAW/Smackdown results, Ric Flair's busted finger, tons of wrestling news and more!


Show Breakdown
00:02:20 - Extreme Rules results/opinions

00:24:50 - RAW results

00:30:35 - Smackdown Live results

00:42:50 - Tier 1 Wrestling card for Sunday 06/11/17

00:47:00 - Evolve 87 card update

00:48:50 - More wrestling news

01:03:58 - Jim Cornette v Vince Russo; Jim's statement, Vince's response, our opinions

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